Tales of Arboria

Dolls and Ogres

Our adventurers, after meeting back in Haverton, decided to head to Gallow’s End, to investigate a rumor of strange, human shaped fruit being produced there. After 5 days of travel, they arrive and immediately speak to the fruit seller, Farmer Dan. Dan sells the party a few fruits, and doesn’t offer much information regarding the fruit, but agrees to allow the party to view the tree with him, after he closes his stall down. In the meantime, the party visits the mayor. They learn nothing of consequence from the mayor, but got the guard who allowed them in fired, and were almost arrested when Dranden showed his penis.

They go to meet the farmer at his fruit tree, and find him in a trance, staring at the tree. After snapping him out of it and some brief dialogue, Dan allows them to look at the tree but not touch it. After the party attempted to touch it anyway, farmer Dan pulled out a gun. To distract the farmer, Grogg broke a branch of the tree and ran, with the farmer chasing him. Ven’yara detected evil buried beneath the tree. The adventurers began to dig, and dug up a box, and found a marionette. The marionette was emanating an evil presence, and when Dranden touched the doll with one of the fruits, he felt immense pain in his hand, and became physically ill. He ran off screaming, while Chako and Chili followed, to recover him and find someone in town who could deal with the Doll. They gathered the men of the church, led by Father Maxwell. The Father told the group that he didn’t have the power to contain the evil in the doll, or fix Dranden, and sent them to Eltharys via caravan.

After 26 days on the road, the party arrived in Eltharys, and made their way to the Temple of Sol. After a meeting with the bishop, the party was paid 3000 gold and Dranden’s ailment was cured. He immediately celebrated by finding the nearest whorehouse, while Chako and Chili went to find work.

Chili found an elf named Tarathiel, who offered a contract to slay an Ogre named Marrow-sucker, who has been pestering the village of Eltharyn. Chili agrees, and takes the information back to the party, who set out the next day.

After three days travel, the party arrives at Eltharyn. They attempt to have a meeting with the village elders, but are denied, and go off to track Marrow-sucker, who they find in a cave. After failing to stealth in, the Ogre uncages some dogs to attack the party, before charging in himself. the party holds its own and manages to slay the Ogre and his pups, but almost lost Ven’Yara in the process, who was barely stablized. The party attempted to talk the ogre, but it proved to be useless, and Grogg chopped his head off, while everyone else gathered the Ogre’s loot. After another 3 days travel, the party arrived back in Eltharys, found Tarathiel, showed him the head, and claimed their reward.



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