Tales of Arboria

Necromancers, Flutes and Biscuits

Chako has furthered his passion in the culinary arts and decides to set aside time to search for ingredient to make Grog and Ven’yara the most divine biscuits that his skills would allow. This has unexpectedly deepened the connection between them. While traveling through the farmland Dranden decided to walk around overselling himself to the townsfolk boasting about his “accomplishments”, his lies slightly catch up to him as it would seem a dog urinated on him. Chili took a liking to the dog and decided that he wanted to take him as a pet, But it was later revealed that the dog was a stray with an unfortunate condition and he retracted his interest. Still feeling sorry for the dog though he decided that the least he could do was give the mayor 25 gold to make life a little easier. The group leaves this small town and decided to further their travels. 14 days later while on the move 2 arrows tipped with fire lunge into Dranden’s prized mobile alchemy lab. Ven’yara summons water to douse the flames. Another arrow is fired from an unknown source and it finds its target. Chili is hit but this is a trivial wound for a bounty hunter such as himself. He proceeds to take out the arrow and snap it in half. The party has had enough of being sitting ducks and decided to ride towards the arrows source and find the culprits. Fearing for his belongings Dranden decided to sit back and safeguard his lab. After giving some chase the rest of the party found that the attackers were gnolls (armed with javelins and leather armor). Chili leads the charge accompanied by Ven’yara, Chako sits back and fires his bolts with pristine precision. The last of the gnolls fell to the might of Grog and his axe, the swing was so mighty is split the corpse in half. Things were settled, bodies were looted and the group returned back to Dranden. Chili seems to have been sickened from a wound during combat, he decides to keep it to himself for now and the party continues on the way to their original destination. Days later while Chako was watch duty he hears the sounds of a flute. The song was mysterious. The player showed himself and Chako decided to approach him and invoke conversation. He soon found out that this stranger was a Faun by the name of Cerrunos. Cerrunos requests that Chako and his band help him aid his village and put a halt the turmoil that a necromancer was causing. The task was said to be urgent and had to be completed by the break of dawn. Chako woke up his allies and they agreed to go help the faun. They find themselves entering a corrupt forest. With further travel a mock feast was spotted. Skeletons filled the seats of large pick-nick tables with the man that was assumed to be the necromancer at the head of it. Immediately Chako fires a bolt at the necromancer but it tickles him. The skeletons get up and move in the direction of the party. Ven’yara’s learns that he sword is of no use fighting these creatures and has to rely on her shield instead. The skeleton horde is not enough to prevent the parties approach. Grog closes in on the necromancer and ends his life in one blow. Grog is now deemed as the necromancer slayer. They loot the necromancer and find a set of scrolls and a ring, they group asks Cerrunos of what he knows about these things but he is unable to say anything useful.

Chili’s sickness depends and he asks Chako to identify it, Chako reveals that Chili mostly likely has contracted grid.



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