Tales of Arboria

The Boogaloo Begins

10 Days Ago --

Iotus 1266, 16
The Solar Eclipse festival is in full swing in Haverton.
A gnome is selling potions that will aid in seeing the eclipse. Turns out it was a poison called Darklight Oil that darkened vision. Drendan bought a bunch. Chako stole one for himself. Lots of food and grog was had in the Dancing Bull.
After the eclipse the townfolk realized the dark vision was not going away. The gnome tried selling the antidote but after churning the crowd into a frenzy Chako stole some gold as the crowd tore into his stand and tried to burn the gnome at the stake. Vivi pleaded with Ven’yara to save the gnome who interceded by talking with the town guard.
More drunk antics were had and the party parted ways after the festivities resolved.

Current Day --

Iotus 1266, 26
The collective adventurers, unofficially dubbed the Small Sons, all had a shared dream.

The crescent moon hangs high in the sky, providing what small amount of light it can to weary travellers. Life (for most,) continues as normal. Merchants shuffle about rapidly putting away goods, trying desperately not to be the last to leave the bazaar with their sacks of coin. Farmers, ever hard at work attempt to finish just one more task… Suddenly, a… force of some kind passes through the land from the west of the continent like a shockwave of raw magic. It disturbs nothing. It leaves no damage in it’s path, but you feel it pass through you.
You wince in pain as a feeling of pure malice washes over you, but it quickly subsides and you suddenly feel nothing. Images of your loved ones, family and friends float through your mind hazily. The images shift violently. Now you see a horde of dragons blocking out the sun, a dark tide of insects washing over a tree and leaving nothing in their wake, and a dark blackness swallowing the sun.

As they struggled to wake from their slumber they found themselves in an unnaturally symmetric and smooth room made of rock. The floor was littered with sleeping bodies. Some sat trying to eat but found their food gone. Some moved closer to allies with odd specificity that went beyond logic. Others tried to find a way out but could not. Nameless grunts went into a frenzy over their lost food as Drenden somehow discovered the ability to pull any previously owned item from his sack. After arduous combat the grunts were soundly killed and their bodies disappeared into thin air.

As they left the cave they found themselves in the snowy wilderness…



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