Tales of Arboria

The Long Dark

Trials of a God

The party looked out onto the dark forest and didn’t take particular note of anything. After a poor showing of Lay on Hands, Dranden took healing into his own hands and began to synthesize a healing extract. Chako and Chili noticed tracks and low growling so they took up a defensive area as the drow paladin carelessly walked out into the open attracting the attention of a pack of wolves. The largest of these had glowing green eyes and was quite large. The attack put Branden at at risk but in a flurry of steel, magic, and arrows, the wolves disappeared into thin air. After they felled the largest wolf a humanoid figure approached them. With its form ever shifting from humanoid to wolf to…something else…it addressed them without threat. Chako had managed to deduct that this was a trial which the being admitted to but refused to give any more information until one more trial was completed.

The third trial, one of wits, began and a large pack of wolves slowly stalked the group until they all ran into the woods. After a few days of escaping their clutches the humanoid figure appeared to them again and declared them victorious. Chako identified the being as the god, Io. Turns out that they were in a personal pocket dimension of the wolf god. Io stated that the forces of evil had struck a blow and he was in need of a group of agents to push his agenda in the real world. Chako notices and identifies what’s so unusual about Io’s eyes but cannot place why they appear the way they do. Ven’Yara asked Chako to summarize the situation though the tengu chose to withhold the true nature of the God. Vivi saw through this and challenged Chako. In a hushed whisper he told her what he had noticed. Io offered the beginnings of Mythical power to the party in exchange for their service. All seemed to agree to his terms.

They party awoke where they last went to sleep but felt the need to return to Haverton to meet each other once again. This time Vivi was nowhere to be found but the adventure proper was to begin. They sat down with drinks in hand to decide where they would start the journey.



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