Tales of Arboria

The Pack thins but the Survivors grow Strong

Goodbye Chili

Ronaldo’s song:
There once was a man, or half of one see
He told tall tales, much taller than he
Laughs did he provoke from the townsfolk,
until he hired a bard so great, Me!

Chako leads the group to get their passports. Ronaldo and the young tengu are already well traveled and prepared. This goes without incident.

The group gathers their caravan and sets off into The Divide. As they enter they feel an oppressive air generated by generations of killing and slaughter.

Three days into their journey during Dranden’s watch Chili gets up to take a piss, asks “Do you have assassin work for me?” then let’s out a muffled scream. Dranden lights his torch, wakes up Grogg, then rushes to Chili’s side. Upon seeing a goblin with glowing red eyes with smoke coming out of his mouth snapping Chili’s neck Grogg yells out to the others to wake them up. The group feels Chili’s life force disappear through their pack bond. The battle ensues. Chako finds that the lead goblin is advanced and somehow drains their mythic power preventing its use. Ven’Yara decided to sleep in her armor so she does her best to finagle her poor sleep with the shock of feeling Chili’s death. Grogg falls prey to the goblin squad and is taken out of the fight. Dranden struggles in the dim light to keep his distance while doing damage. Chako uses the nightly skirmish to fell the goblins one by one. Chako manages to pants the lead goblin and Dranden blows his dick off with a critical finisher. Ven’yara and Grogg get into an epic arm wrestling fight over the final coin.

Chili is buried and small words are shared. Ven and Chako take one of his silver swords each to carry on his fight. He is buried and Grogg leaves the final coin and a biscuit for his journey to the afterlife. The party licks their wounds as they eat hastily made biscuits. Ronaldo sings them a song recounting their recent battle.

That same night during Grogg’s watch he finds himself weary and dozes off. They group awakes back in the dream world in a library garden with Io standing before them. He calls this the Lexicuanus Astrimentarium. They meet a sentient flying book named Lexa who is the assistant in this realm. She demonstrates by leading them to a book labelled Takeda.
A projection appears and shows his actions.

NEW RULES: In their dreams characters can retrain in their sleep. This will affect their memories. Limits: Can never affect physical scores. Cannot gain hit points a la HP training feature.

Chako searches for a legendary Tengu. Dranden finds his own book and has a dick helicopter battle against himself.

8 Days later they make it to the Dwarven trade capital: Stingarde. Grogg buys Ronaldo a parasol.

22 Days later: During Dranden’s watch something happens that goes unnoticed. In the morning the party finds their belongings missing. Chako finds some tracks and in the crack there’s a large tapestry that signals an impasse. As they enter they feel a barrier of some sort. They find a fortress and a kunai with a note is thrown at Chako’s feet. It reads “TURN BACK” in every known language to the tengu. The note begins to fizzle and he throws it away as it explodes halfway back to the fortress. Three white pajama’d men tell the party to turn back. The party charges the fortress and go into mortal combat with the ninjas. Ven’yara gets a beating. Dranden chases them into their ambush tunnels. Chako takes a prisoner with Matoko’s help and gets a ceasefire called but as this is happening Grogg also takes a prisoner and Dranden is taken prisoner. Chako stops the ninjas from killing him and pulls the party into the hidden village.

They begin to meet with the village elder who is amazed that they saw the tapestry. He then states that it must mean they have met “One of them”. As he leaves Chako notices one of the large dragon statues in the courtyard begins to smile. As he waves the colossal statue starts moving. They learn that this is Fuujin. He explains that Sukiko took their shiny belongings because Raijin enjoys the artistry. They exchange their biscuit tin for a gold one. With a few tengu shinobi as companions. They continue to Sunreaver Mansion.



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