Chako Echon

Tengu Troublemaker



He’s tall and menacing…for a tengu. His plumage is black and his eyes are a steely blue.


Chako has no memory of his biological parents but he’s always known the dwarf Flint Ironseer as his father. He grew up in Stingarde surrounded by the tall edifices that the trade capital was known for.

His avian roots lead him to be a playful and troublesome young boy. He was always climbing the tall granite buildings in search of the sky. The search put him at odds with the dwarven philosophy held by his father: Lapis provides the earth beneath their feet and the rocks over their heads. Chako never wavered and his faith served him well. As an adult he is quiet and aloof yet full of conviction. He acts swiftly with confidence and his faith is unshakable.

Flint is an engineer by trade and his passion is developing weaponry for the best bidder. His life’s work has been developing a new types of firearms. Chako always thought guns were too experimental and too unwieldy for practical use. While he learned to use firearms at a young age he preferred the smooth mechanics of a crossbow and in his twenties he also learned the benefits of having a quiet, deadly, and light weapon.

Chako wasn’t born gifted but by working alongside his fastidious father who always said “Get it done. Get it done right.” he learned many skills one by one. He’s spent hours upon hours learning and practicing and while he has become meticulous he still falls short at what little he hasn’t dabbled in.

The life as a weaponsmith’s son is inherently full of interesting characters on every end of the spectrum. Chako has found plenty of work delivering weapons, stealing from nobles, and clearing out unruly bandits. His latest job involved delivering a few kegs of gunpowder to Haverton. Before leaving, Chako decides to get a quick pint at the local tavern, the Dancing Bull…

Chako Echon

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