Chili Gonzales

Human Slayer


Abandoned as a child, young Chili found himself living among the scoundrels and other less desirable folk, being commonly referred to as a street rat. His streetwise and general savvy led him to be taken in by a family of Half-Elf bounty hunters who saw his potential to be something greater and trained him in their ways.

In this new environment, Chili learned to fight, study his target, track, and hunt them wherever they might go. Never relenting, even through some of the harshest environments, waiting for an opportune moment to strike.

One day as an adult, collecting the bounty for his most recent hunt. Chili overheard a group of adventurer’s celebrating over their recent adventure into a deep cave with glorious spoils. It wasn’t the first time Chili had seen such a celebration, his job regularly had him in and out of taverns and the nearest towns in search of information on his latest target. However, this time it was different. It got Chili thinking. All his life he only knew only one thing, how to take down his prey. He loved it, he was great at it, but was there more out there?

Having consulted his family about his plans to leave and strike out on his own and see where his journey would take him, he was surprised to see that they were quite supportive. A bounty hunter could find work just about anywhere humankind had settled. And with that, he set forth! Chili knew that if his family ever had need of him, they would find him. After all, it was they who trained the young man.

Chili Gonzales

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