Time Keeping and Seasons

Years take up a different amount of time in Arboria than they do in real life.

One day on Arboria is the same amount of time as one Earth day, 24 hours Earth time.

Each year however goes by at a much faster rate, as there are only six months: Arborius, Solus, Iotus, Sylphyrus, Lapus, and Lacus. One month for each of the major gods. Each month consists of exactly 30 days, and as a result, a year is only 180 days, rather than 365. This means that humans do not become adults at 15 years of age, but 30 years of Arborean age, so essentially all creatures lifespans are “double” in terms of the number of years, but in reality they are the same.

The changing of the months corresponds to the lunar cycle of Arboria. With the new moon, a new month starts. This means that the night of the new moon is the first of the month. The full moon thereby occurs on the 16th of every month, 15 days later. This is important for certain rituals, as well as for keeping track of when characters should be performing certain religious rites, assuming they are religious.

SEASONS on the other hand are practically non-existent on Arboria, and each different area of Arboria has a different, year round climate. Urasi for example is almost always cold, like an early winter, whereas fall/spring weather mostly exists in Elithrya and it is nearly always the scorching hot, dry weather of summer in Rohindar.

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Time Keeping and Seasons

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