Adventure Awaits!

Arboria is a magical, but not entirely unfamiliar world. Arboria, the name of both the ‘continent,’ and world you live in, is actually the top of an enormous felled tree. Few know how the denizens of the tree came to live here; it is a mystery lost to all but the eldest creatures in the land.

Long ago, zealous cartographers set off on a quest to map this great land that you inhabit. What they found was quite astonishing; the end of the world, (quite literally!) It was only then that they discovered what Arboria was after seeing the edges of it’s vast trunk jutting out through a thick mist. All around the continent they found more of the same.

Many adventurers have attempted to climb down through the mist, seeking the inevitable end of the great tree, but none have ever returned. Whether because they fell to their doom, or simply could not, or would not return is not known, but none of them have ever been heard from again.

The top of the tree has long since decomposed after whatever great event rent asunder it’s upper half, leaving soil in it’s wake, allowing new plant life to spring anew atop The Great Tree. Druids are plentiful in this vast expanse of nature. This is due to both their natural affinity to such a place, but also the prevailing religious beliefs of Arboria.

In this great land, an adventurer such as yourself can find all manner of things, from the mundane to wonderous creatures and magical artifacts. Here there be magic, here there be monsters, here there be dragons. Gather ye arms and armor, gather ye staves and spellbooks; here there be adventure.

Tales of Arboria

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