Tales of Arboria

Back to the Surface
Then Back to the Depths

After escaping the Black Fort the party reunites with Cartonk and the mortar team. They begin their journey back to Unterlaunde. Io approaches the party in their sleep and instructs them to meet up with his agents in a Tavern. He also warns them of Niddhogg’s return. He has noticed the timing of two events and Niddhog’s parting words and concludes that his reanimation is imminent within the next one to two years. Of note Dranden seems to taking his role more seriously and Chika immediately starts browsing the library.

The party awakens and begins to trade stories around the campfire. Chika mentions an old tale of monsters in the Great Caged Lake. Cartonk confirms shenanigans present and the party decides to investigate.

After taking their leave of Cartonk. The party takes flight towards Unterlaunde on stolen bats and arrive 14 days later.

After selling their loot and updating their equipment the party arrives to the surface. Grogg keeps in contact with Lady Biscotti (the biscuit baron). Chika does her best to acquire her recipe. Chika asks her father and Hector for any information regarding the rumors of the lake.

33 days later the party returns to Telume to check on Grogg’s and Dranden’s homestead. Unfortunately Grogg has no mail but the fey have kept up their end of the bargain. Chika leaves a message for the founders of Telume asking them if they have any leads on other legendary or mythical beings.

8 days later the party arrives at Trader’s Rest. They meet up with Flint and he doesn’t have any further information on the Lake. Grogg happily reports the success that the guitar axe has had and hands Flint a biscuit. Dranden eyes the alchemist guild and plots for a way to destroy it.

11 days later the party passes through The Divide and arrives in Stingarde. They identify the path to the caged lake is through the small settlements that surround the path. The party asks around town to try and get more information about the missing boats. They find Wolfrick the Stonebeard at Beardling’s Bar. They find that this is a smoking bar and they meet Beardling, the halfling owner with a glorious beard. Dranden and Chika get smokes and approach Wolfrick. They inquire about his lost brother. They find that the brothers have rings that point to each other and that his brother is at the bottom of the great lake. Through more discussion they find that he is creating a rig to get to the bottom of the lake which is the equivalent of a diving bell. The party readily agrees to this crazy venture.

After 2 days of sailing they reach the center of the lake where the ring points straight down. They party loads in and they are slowly dropped further and further into the abyss of the lake. As they descend the ring hums gently. Suddenly a strange feeling washes over the party and the lake grows silent. Below they see a red glow and they see a structure made of glass and the apparatus docks with the building and the party realizes that Wolfrick may have other plans for them.

With no other choice before them Chika turns a valve that reveals a ladder. They travel further down and find themselves in what appears to be a reception area. They find a single golem inside. There is an L shaped desk with a dwarven corpse that appears to have slit his own wrists. There are papers with an encrypted message. Chika pockets them. Dranden attempts to inspect the golem but doesn’t find much. Dranden finds a blue disc on the floor. Chika finds that the disc matches markings on a hole in the desk and the golem. Grogg searches the body and finds some gold but nothing else of note. They remember rumors they heard in town of a dwarf named Drak Firebeard who tried to pioneer non-magic non-fire based technology but was laughed out of town.

Chika inserts the disc into the desk and the room hums to life and air begins to circulate once again. They find a few doors that they cannot open. They take the disc and place it into the golem. He introduces himself as XM17S, aka, Mitts. Chika takes the shape of Wolfrick and the golem accepts his passcode “Aye”. They learn that the papers were a guest list and the last one came through 3 months ago. He is unable to provide much more information due to the rest of the golems being out of order. They learn that the facility is run on two massive generators which are offline. Dranden finds out that there are at least 4 combat ready golems present in the research facility though the path there is destroyed. They are lead to the living quarters.

We Stole That Fucking Candle
Assault on the Underdark Fortress

After 12 days of uneventful travel, the caravan is stopped by a large spore colony, growing in the middle of the road. The party defends Cartonk and the Dwarven mortar team, while they set up to blow a passable hole through it. They are immediately attacked by Myceloids, and during the battle Chika and Motoko contract purple pox. Though normally a deadly disease, Cartonk lets the party know he has 2 remove disease potions available. Chika steals one, and Dranden buys the other, for full market price, plus letting Cartonk ride on his bat with him.
17 more days of travel later, the party begins their approach on the Goblin fortress. The party stays put for 1 day to prepare, while Cartonk runs off to scout the fortress. He reports back that the entire fortress is pitch black, except the inside of the keep, which is heavily lit. The door appears to be sealed, and the only way to open it is to sacrifice two living things on the door, which is shaped like a dragon’s mouth. Cartonk presents a rough drawn map of the keep, relaying any relevant information on the structures inside. Party decides the best route is to approach from a ramp, leading up to a mining cave.
The party progresses partially up the ramp, taking out a few goblins stealthily on the way, but are forced to duck off to a side path to avoid a patrol. The side path, however, was home to several large spiders. An alchemical fire was thrown during the fight, in an attempt to destroy their webs, but it draws the attention of the patrol. To deal with them quickly, Dranden bombs them, but the explosions alert the rest of the fortress, bringing a commander and troop of goblins to the fight. Chika, who had been severely weakened by spider poison in the spider fight, throws a glow stick into the troop, allowing the dwarves to fire their mortar, destroying them utterly.
The party gathers themselves, and presses on out of the spider lair. They are led to the top of the fortress, just above where the mines are. The party almost immediately draws the attention of the now more alert goblin fortress. The goblins do everything they can to light the area where the party is, giving a catapult in the bottom of the fortress line of sight to fire at them. In the ensuing chaos, Chika throws another glowstick at the elevator crank in the bottom of the fortress, while the catapult hits a crank at the top, dropping and disabling the elevator. The goblins begin sending goblin riders with torches to the fortress’s top level, to once again give the catapult vision to fire. Dranden, becoming increasingly annoyed with the catapult fire, begins to spider climb down the cliff face, and going invisible. Chika and Grogg continue to fight off goblin riders and avoiding catapult fire, while Dranden continues to work his way down. Dranden finally gets in range, and tosses a glow stick at the catapult, and drops another one right beside him. The first shot obliterates the catapult and his team, but Dranden gets swarmed by a mass of goblins. He buys enough time for the mortar team to reload, and retreats before being blasted by the second shot, which demolishes the crowd. The rest of the goblins retreat, buying time for Chika to get down, and Grogg to begin working his way down. However, they are attacked again by another troop of goblins, which also manages to get mortared. The party reunites, while cartonk retreats back to the mortar team, his job complete. The party sacrifices two barely alive goblins onto the keep door, opening it up to them.
Inside the Keep, they find themselves in a hallway, connected to 3 doors. The large center doors are locked, requiring two keys. The other two doors lead to an abnormally large goblin, and a goblin houndmaster, both of which carried a key and were made quick work of. In the center chamber, they find the leader of the fortress; a Kobold shaman, along with his two heavily armored guards. He seems obsessed with keeping his candle, and Dranden draws his ire by threatening to steal it. The Kobold and his guard are dealt with, leaving the party with a floating ring, protected by wild, volatile magic, and an angry fortress of goblins attempting to make their way inside to kill them. After baring the doors shut, and Grogg throwing the body into the wild magic to test it, Dranden finally decides to reach in to grab the ring. The magic curses him, and tears the skin and muscle off his arm, leaving him a fully functioning skeletal arm. It also seemed to grand him an increase in his mythical powers, granted to him by IO.
Suddenly, from the corpse of the kobold, a dark, black scaled dragonoid being forms, and demands the ring, which he is refused. During the battle, Dranden makes use of his new power, stealing dragon’s own mythic powers, and disabling his choking black cloud. After he is dealt with, he reveals himself as the Avatar of Nidhogg, and taunts the party as he dies. As the goblin fortress continues to descend upon them, the party gathers their loot and finds a secret exit, and escapes the fortress.

The Trollevator into the Underwood

While resting in Telume the party in pulled inro a dream world. There a cube appears in the void, unfolding into Io’s usual form. He explains in depth about the origins of the world, the age of war and dragons. Only the ancient dragons would survives these battles over the millennia with their god remaining quiet.

When it came time for a piece one of the ancient dragons, Nidhogg, was missing. Pride, jealousy and envy were his charges and as such. he refused any sort of peace. In reaction to this his kin were all slain and Nidhogg brutally punished and banished to the world below, thus beginning the age of mortals.

Arborea was sundered and the remaining dragons terraformed Arborea into the world we now know. The top portion of Arborea was place in a time bubble, where time passes much. much faster than outside.

A darkness that is being directed by Nidhogg outside of this bubble threatens the world and in order to save it he must be slain.

Io goes on to explain that in In the Underwood is a goblin shaman who is crafting a ring. This ring is part of a set of armor that Nidhogg is assembling which will allow him to enter Arborea. It is therefore imperative to stop Nidhogg, lest he destroy everything.

He send the part off, telling them that agents are expecting them in Unterlaunde.

In order to get to Unterlaunde the party must travel 33 days to Iron Brew’s Ascent. Once they arrive there they see a large portal where goods are being transferred through as well as an extremely long line to an elevator. They are directed to send their material goods through the portal, but take themselves down the elevator for their own, and everyone else’s, safety.

The queue takes 1 day to complete and the elevator takes another 3 to descend into the Underwood. The party also is accompanied by 3 dwarves on the elevator.

During the 2nd day going down the elevator the party and dwarves are attacked. A set of goblins and even a troll all jump down onto their elevator. The dwarves do not survive and the party survives with about 1/3 of an elevator left. They decide to climb down the chain to the lower elevator instead of staying on the nearly destroyed one.

The rest of the way down is uneventful.

Once they arrive at the bottom they head into Unterlaunde to gather info, but are met by Io’s agent Cartonk Fizzlewrench , much to Dranden’s annoyance. He is well versed on the geography of the Underwood and can provide map like directions when needed.

Cartonk is accompanied by some dwarven friends with a mortar, much to Dranden’s strangely fetishist arrousal. Cartonk is supposed to escort the party through the Myceloid Forest.

14 days of travel happen, where-in the party succesfully fends of a giant lobster monster with a questionable shaped head.

Days past: 33 + 1 + 3 + 14 = 51

Time Skip!
Lost another one

At some point Ven’Yara disappears.

They party skirts around Hector’s Hovel due to the Dranden and Grogg’s reputation (ie: Wanted).

5 days later they are ambushed by an ettin.

5 days later just outside of Sunreaver Mansion they are beset upon three orc barbarian mercenaries that are trying to cut them off at the pass. There would have been more if not for their ninja escort.

The party finally arrives at the mansion with some difficulty due to heavy mist. Dranden strolls up to the door and knocks. The door slowly opens and the party is greeted by a butler with long sharp teeth. Towering above the foyer is a large portrait of a golden haired and golden eyed Aasimar with presumably his wife. Grogg and Chako identify the man as Hector Sunreaver and note that he also has sharp teeth and has been alive far too long for any mortal. They are brought to a table with a large room and await their host. Eventually they are greeted by Hector himself and deliver the package. The party collects their wages and ask Hector why he needs the Devil’s Wart.

Hector leads them down into the basement. There they find an alchemist’s lab in the darkness. There they find a Blood Orchid in a glass enclosure. The group finally realizes that he is a vampire. They find that they are in the final stage of changing the flower of death into a potion of eternal youth. Through some discussion they eventually learn of the Harrow Deck of Many Things. Each of them is offered the opportunity to pull a card from the deck.

Chako draws a Joker: The character physically becomes a member of the opposite gender.
- He becomes more curvaceous, he grows breasts, and his voice rises in pitch.
– She changes her name to Chaka

Dranden draws the 10 of Diamonds: Choose an ally. They are presented 3 cards. They pick one. The original character chooses from the remaining 2.
- He chooses Chako who then draws the 6 of Clubs
– He is able to open any door, lock, or other locked barrier whenever he wishes.
- Dranden chooses the 7 of Clubs
– He reforges a dagger into a crossbow bolt.

Grogg draws the 2 of Spades: The character’s animal companion, familiar, cohort, or other NPC ally is alienated and forever after hostile. If the character has no such allies, the enmity of some powerful personage, community, or religious order can be substituted. This hatred remains a secret until such a time that it might be most dramatically and perilously revealed. Upon drawing this card, the character knows that someone or something will turn against him, but nothing more.
- The GM will remember this.

The party travels back to the Divide with plans to go to Telume.

31 Days later they arrive at Trader’s Rest and along the way have a couple minor encounters. Chika tells her father of the Deck of Many Things and he is extremely disappointed that she would pull from the deck after all his teachings as a child.

The group arrives in Telume.
“Telume… A city for freed slaves, or so the rumors say. As you approach you being to get an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. A crude palisade lined with spiked logs rings the city proper. Somewhat more militaristic than you might have expected from a “free city,” although it’s somehow not forboding in any way. A cursory scan of the nearby lake reveals a dry dock of some sort and the frame of a ship being constructed. Closer inspection reveals that what would seem to be trees at first glance is actually a number of large balloons, a curious sight to behold.
As you approach the town proper, you notice a goblin standing guard, his tunic and chain mail are ill fitted, and he continually fidgets with his oversized helmet as it slumps down over his eyes… Still, his silly toothy grin reveals him as a much friendlier goblin than those you’ve dealt with in the past. As you pass the gates and the large, poorly painted sign lettered, “T e L u m e,” and into the fort itself, you see two crude barracks flanking either side of the gate with goblins busily coming and going every which way. In the northwest corner of the fort, a large stone chapel is under construction. Sitting in a corner near the chapel is a large insect like humanoid in a comically oversized hammock. You watch as he rolls out of the hammock with a surprising grace, and removes a pair of reading glasses and sets down a book with his stubby middle arms. Before you have a chance to inspect further, he walks off out of sight to do something.
At the center of town a tired looking old human with a furrowed brow stands tall, giving orders to teams of goblins who rush off to their newly assigned duties. Seeing you, he turns and shouts: “Greetings, and welcome to fair Telume City of Freed slaves, I am Roth, the reluctant mayor of this place.”

Grogg looks for a plot of land to build a home. He and Dranden find their plot of land and create an alchemists’s home. They make arrangements with the nearby Faeries to watch over their home whenever they are gone.

Chika begins scoping out a potential heist to garner the attention of the Thieve’s Guild. She finds a merchant who is a front for the alchemist’s guild and begins to stake out his operation of skimming money off the top. In her attempts to find where he stashes his private fund he skims from his business front she only manages to travel with them halfway. She goes back to Dranden and Grogg to get backup. The heist goes successfully.

The party makes off with a large sum of gold but the Thieve’s Guild intervenes and takes a chunk of it.

The Pack thins but the Survivors grow Strong
Goodbye Chili

Ronaldo’s song:
There once was a man, or half of one see
He told tall tales, much taller than he
Laughs did he provoke from the townsfolk,
until he hired a bard so great, Me!

Chako leads the group to get their passports. Ronaldo and the young tengu are already well traveled and prepared. This goes without incident.

The group gathers their caravan and sets off into The Divide. As they enter they feel an oppressive air generated by generations of killing and slaughter.

Three days into their journey during Dranden’s watch Chili gets up to take a piss, asks “Do you have assassin work for me?” then let’s out a muffled scream. Dranden lights his torch, wakes up Grogg, then rushes to Chili’s side. Upon seeing a goblin with glowing red eyes with smoke coming out of his mouth snapping Chili’s neck Grogg yells out to the others to wake them up. The group feels Chili’s life force disappear through their pack bond. The battle ensues. Chako finds that the lead goblin is advanced and somehow drains their mythic power preventing its use. Ven’Yara decided to sleep in her armor so she does her best to finagle her poor sleep with the shock of feeling Chili’s death. Grogg falls prey to the goblin squad and is taken out of the fight. Dranden struggles in the dim light to keep his distance while doing damage. Chako uses the nightly skirmish to fell the goblins one by one. Chako manages to pants the lead goblin and Dranden blows his dick off with a critical finisher. Ven’yara and Grogg get into an epic arm wrestling fight over the final coin.

Chili is buried and small words are shared. Ven and Chako take one of his silver swords each to carry on his fight. He is buried and Grogg leaves the final coin and a biscuit for his journey to the afterlife. The party licks their wounds as they eat hastily made biscuits. Ronaldo sings them a song recounting their recent battle.

That same night during Grogg’s watch he finds himself weary and dozes off. They group awakes back in the dream world in a library garden with Io standing before them. He calls this the Lexicuanus Astrimentarium. They meet a sentient flying book named Lexa who is the assistant in this realm. She demonstrates by leading them to a book labelled Takeda.
A projection appears and shows his actions.

NEW RULES: In their dreams characters can retrain in their sleep. This will affect their memories. Limits: Can never affect physical scores. Cannot gain hit points a la HP training feature.

Chako searches for a legendary Tengu. Dranden finds his own book and has a dick helicopter battle against himself.

8 Days later they make it to the Dwarven trade capital: Stingarde. Grogg buys Ronaldo a parasol.

22 Days later: During Dranden’s watch something happens that goes unnoticed. In the morning the party finds their belongings missing. Chako finds some tracks and in the crack there’s a large tapestry that signals an impasse. As they enter they feel a barrier of some sort. They find a fortress and a kunai with a note is thrown at Chako’s feet. It reads “TURN BACK” in every known language to the tengu. The note begins to fizzle and he throws it away as it explodes halfway back to the fortress. Three white pajama’d men tell the party to turn back. The party charges the fortress and go into mortal combat with the ninjas. Ven’yara gets a beating. Dranden chases them into their ambush tunnels. Chako takes a prisoner with Matoko’s help and gets a ceasefire called but as this is happening Grogg also takes a prisoner and Dranden is taken prisoner. Chako stops the ninjas from killing him and pulls the party into the hidden village.

They begin to meet with the village elder who is amazed that they saw the tapestry. He then states that it must mean they have met “One of them”. As he leaves Chako notices one of the large dragon statues in the courtyard begins to smile. As he waves the colossal statue starts moving. They learn that this is Fuujin. He explains that Sukiko took their shiny belongings because Raijin enjoys the artistry. They exchange their biscuit tin for a gold one. With a few tengu shinobi as companions. They continue to Sunreaver Mansion.

Being the Main Character is Over-Rated anyway
AKA How I Shut Up and Learned to Love the Grog

After the Necromancer is swiftly dealt with, the party gathers their things and leaves Cerrunos to nurse this part of the forest back to health. On the road again, the party travels for 14 days, passing through Meadowbrook, Fairmeadow, until finally Waulkeen Way. Dranden finds a book store, run by an eccentric “Wizard”, who identifies Grog’s new ring as a Ring of Natural Armor, while Draden purchases an Identify scroll. Chili decides to challenge the wizard in a dance off, but is swiftly served. Grog also finds and purchases a guitar, while Chili attempts to get his Rabies cured, but found his body had already managed to fight off the disease, and the party sets out. 3 Days later, Grog and Chili attempt to entertain the citizens of Applevale with a dance and guitar session, with less than ideal results.

Three days from Applevale, the party comes across a beautiful, expansive field, with an unsightly hole dug out in the middle. Grog steps up to the hole to investigate, and is immediately attacked by a bug creature, who bursts from the ground behind him, damaging the half-orc greatly. The Party gets locked into combat with several bugs who continuously burst from the ground around them. Eventually, Chili gets grabbed by one, and dragged down into the original hole. Grog jumps down to follow, but finds another, larger bug laying in wait. After finishing the remaining bugs, and killing the Big Bug, the party recovers and continues their journey to Trader’s Rest.

After 13 more days of travel, and passing Mirelake, the party finally arrives at the bustling city of Trader’s Rest. Finding the mass of crowds a great and treacherous obstacle, Dranden and Grog decide to stay back, while Chako, Chili, and Ven’Yara attempt to Venture forth into the central city. Chako, who is from Trader’s Rest and fairly familiar with navigating the crowds, manages to work his way through to the City proper. Chili and Ven’Yara, however, get swept into the crowds and get lost in the mess of stalls and people.

Chako meets with the contact inside the city, and is greeted by Edmund Toth, of the Sunreaver Corporation. He pays him the gold for the first part of the journey, and offers another mission for the party to undertake: continue the journey and deliver the package to the Sunreaver Mansion, home of Hector Sunreaver, near Hector’s Hovel in Urasi. He explains the package contains something called Devil’s Wart; A volatile, red Bio-luminescent fungus, which is dangerous and regulated by the government. He offers 2000g for the second leg of the journey, which Chako accepts. Chako then leaves to visit his father at home.

Chili manages to find himself in an isolated ghetto of Trader’s Rest, mostly filled with homeless and lost merchants. He manages to find his way back to Dranden and Grog relatively quickly. Ven’Yara, however, gets stuck in a loop of the passing crowd, effectively walking in cirlces for a large amount of time. He manages to break the loop, but catches the scent of some mighty fine biscuits. He attempts to locate the biscuits, but finds himself lost once again. During his lost hours he manages to buy a Harp, but doesnt make it back to the party until Evening.

Grog, while the party explores, visits a local tavern, and finds Ronaldo, a Human Bard, to accompany us on our journey to teach him how to play guitar, while also chronicling the parties’ adventures, for the low price of 5g a day. Dranden and Grog agree to split the price of company for their new friend.

The next day, Dranden decides he’d like to visit the alchemist’s guild, and asks Ronaldo to lead the party through the Access Tunnels, to the center of the city. He manages to lead them there, and the party waits while Dranden enters. He has a conversation with the guildmaster, Tadeus Flanel, and wishes to learn the details of joining. After learning it cost gold, Dranden wishes to gain membership by impressing Tadeus with his skills. He fails, however, to offer anything noteworthy, and leaves the guild in a huff, cursing Tadeus as he does. The party then reconvenes at the house of Flint Ironsear, the dwarven father of Chako. After a couple purchases, and Dranden testing a spectacular 18-barreled shotgun that misfires in his hands, the party discusses plans to get passports to pass to Urasi.

Necromancers, Flutes and Biscuits
Chako has furthered his passion in the culinary arts and decides to set aside time to search for ingredient to make Grog and Ven’yara the most divine biscuits that his skills would allow. This has unexpectedly deepened the connection between them. While traveling through the farmland Dranden decided to walk around overselling himself to the townsfolk boasting about his “accomplishments”, his lies slightly catch up to him as it would seem a dog urinated on him. Chili took a liking to the dog and decided that he wanted to take him as a pet, But it was later revealed that the dog was a stray with an unfortunate condition and he retracted his interest. Still feeling sorry for the dog though he decided that the least he could do was give the mayor 25 gold to make life a little easier. The group leaves this small town and decided to further their travels. 14 days later while on the move 2 arrows tipped with fire lunge into Dranden’s prized mobile alchemy lab. Ven’yara summons water to douse the flames. Another arrow is fired from an unknown source and it finds its target. Chili is hit but this is a trivial wound for a bounty hunter such as himself. He proceeds to take out the arrow and snap it in half. The party has had enough of being sitting ducks and decided to ride towards the arrows source and find the culprits. Fearing for his belongings Dranden decided to sit back and safeguard his lab. After giving some chase the rest of the party found that the attackers were gnolls (armed with javelins and leather armor). Chili leads the charge accompanied by Ven’yara, Chako sits back and fires his bolts with pristine precision. The last of the gnolls fell to the might of Grog and his axe, the swing was so mighty is split the corpse in half. Things were settled, bodies were looted and the group returned back to Dranden. Chili seems to have been sickened from a wound during combat, he decides to keep it to himself for now and the party continues on the way to their original destination. Days later while Chako was watch duty he hears the sounds of a flute. The song was mysterious. The player showed himself and Chako decided to approach him and invoke conversation. He soon found out that this stranger was a Faun by the name of Cerrunos. Cerrunos requests that Chako and his band help him aid his village and put a halt the turmoil that a necromancer was causing. The task was said to be urgent and had to be completed by the break of dawn. Chako woke up his allies and they agreed to go help the faun. They find themselves entering a corrupt forest. With further travel a mock feast was spotted. Skeletons filled the seats of large pick-nick tables with the man that was assumed to be the necromancer at the head of it. Immediately Chako fires a bolt at the necromancer but it tickles him. The skeletons get up and move in the direction of the party. Ven’yara’s learns that he sword is of no use fighting these creatures and has to rely on her shield instead. The skeleton horde is not enough to prevent the parties approach. Grog closes in on the necromancer and ends his life in one blow. Grog is now deemed as the necromancer slayer. They loot the necromancer and find a set of scrolls and a ring, they group asks Cerrunos of what he knows about these things but he is unable to say anything useful.

Chili’s sickness depends and he asks Chako to identify it, Chako reveals that Chili mostly likely has contracted grid.

Shady Dealings
Biscuit Quest: Complete

The party looks for work around the city. Chili looks for more “assassin work”. Chako nips at the heels of the thieves’ guild. Dranden enjoys the tavern. Grog slowly works his way around town and finds the most legit biscuits. Ven’yara being a drow is unable to do the same and stalks the half-orc…but being unable to communicate is left without a single bite of baked fluffy goodness. Dranden tries to impress his elven wenches but is completely unsuccessful as they see right through him. Eventually Chako finds a lead to get some work and goes off on his own to negotiate with a representative of the Sunreaver Corporation. Chako sees nothing except that he is a humanoid with a moustache and a limp. He signs a contract to deliver a box with unknown contents to Trader’s Rest. Chako tells the party but withholds information about the box itself. Dranden fails to decipher the legal-ese of the contract. Ven’yara also wants to learn more but can’t read the language.

8 days into the trek we get attacked by hobos and krenshar through the night. Chili and Dranden are stuck fighting in the nude. Ven’yara manages to heal somewhat effectively but has to use lay on hands to her limit. She also tries to claim glory for her god in combat using mythic power but falls short.

In the aftermath of the battle we find that they have a contract and wer sent from Trader’s Rest. Grog finishes off and skins the krenshar. Chako begins to interrogate the final hobo as their prisoner and Dranden attaches three fuse grenades to his body. During the questioning he singes the man’s beard but then sets him aflame setting off the grenades blowing him into literal fleshy bits.

Dolls and Ogres

Our adventurers, after meeting back in Haverton, decided to head to Gallow’s End, to investigate a rumor of strange, human shaped fruit being produced there. After 5 days of travel, they arrive and immediately speak to the fruit seller, Farmer Dan. Dan sells the party a few fruits, and doesn’t offer much information regarding the fruit, but agrees to allow the party to view the tree with him, after he closes his stall down. In the meantime, the party visits the mayor. They learn nothing of consequence from the mayor, but got the guard who allowed them in fired, and were almost arrested when Dranden showed his penis.

They go to meet the farmer at his fruit tree, and find him in a trance, staring at the tree. After snapping him out of it and some brief dialogue, Dan allows them to look at the tree but not touch it. After the party attempted to touch it anyway, farmer Dan pulled out a gun. To distract the farmer, Grogg broke a branch of the tree and ran, with the farmer chasing him. Ven’yara detected evil buried beneath the tree. The adventurers began to dig, and dug up a box, and found a marionette. The marionette was emanating an evil presence, and when Dranden touched the doll with one of the fruits, he felt immense pain in his hand, and became physically ill. He ran off screaming, while Chako and Chili followed, to recover him and find someone in town who could deal with the Doll. They gathered the men of the church, led by Father Maxwell. The Father told the group that he didn’t have the power to contain the evil in the doll, or fix Dranden, and sent them to Eltharys via caravan.

After 26 days on the road, the party arrived in Eltharys, and made their way to the Temple of Sol. After a meeting with the bishop, the party was paid 3000 gold and Dranden’s ailment was cured. He immediately celebrated by finding the nearest whorehouse, while Chako and Chili went to find work.

Chili found an elf named Tarathiel, who offered a contract to slay an Ogre named Marrow-sucker, who has been pestering the village of Eltharyn. Chili agrees, and takes the information back to the party, who set out the next day.

After three days travel, the party arrives at Eltharyn. They attempt to have a meeting with the village elders, but are denied, and go off to track Marrow-sucker, who they find in a cave. After failing to stealth in, the Ogre uncages some dogs to attack the party, before charging in himself. the party holds its own and manages to slay the Ogre and his pups, but almost lost Ven’Yara in the process, who was barely stablized. The party attempted to talk the ogre, but it proved to be useless, and Grogg chopped his head off, while everyone else gathered the Ogre’s loot. After another 3 days travel, the party arrived back in Eltharys, found Tarathiel, showed him the head, and claimed their reward.
The Long Dark
Trials of a God

The party looked out onto the dark forest and didn’t take particular note of anything. After a poor showing of Lay on Hands, Dranden took healing into his own hands and began to synthesize a healing extract. Chako and Chili noticed tracks and low growling so they took up a defensive area as the drow paladin carelessly walked out into the open attracting the attention of a pack of wolves. The largest of these had glowing green eyes and was quite large. The attack put Branden at at risk but in a flurry of steel, magic, and arrows, the wolves disappeared into thin air. After they felled the largest wolf a humanoid figure approached them. With its form ever shifting from humanoid to wolf to…something else…it addressed them without threat. Chako had managed to deduct that this was a trial which the being admitted to but refused to give any more information until one more trial was completed.

The third trial, one of wits, began and a large pack of wolves slowly stalked the group until they all ran into the woods. After a few days of escaping their clutches the humanoid figure appeared to them again and declared them victorious. Chako identified the being as the god, Io. Turns out that they were in a personal pocket dimension of the wolf god. Io stated that the forces of evil had struck a blow and he was in need of a group of agents to push his agenda in the real world. Chako notices and identifies what’s so unusual about Io’s eyes but cannot place why they appear the way they do. Ven’Yara asked Chako to summarize the situation though the tengu chose to withhold the true nature of the God. Vivi saw through this and challenged Chako. In a hushed whisper he told her what he had noticed. Io offered the beginnings of Mythical power to the party in exchange for their service. All seemed to agree to his terms.

They party awoke where they last went to sleep but felt the need to return to Haverton to meet each other once again. This time Vivi was nowhere to be found but the adventure proper was to begin. They sat down with drinks in hand to decide where they would start the journey.


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