Tales of Arboria

Shady Dealings

Biscuit Quest: Complete

The party looks for work around the city. Chili looks for more “assassin work”. Chako nips at the heels of the thieves’ guild. Dranden enjoys the tavern. Grog slowly works his way around town and finds the most legit biscuits. Ven’yara being a drow is unable to do the same and stalks the half-orc…but being unable to communicate is left without a single bite of baked fluffy goodness. Dranden tries to impress his elven wenches but is completely unsuccessful as they see right through him. Eventually Chako finds a lead to get some work and goes off on his own to negotiate with a representative of the Sunreaver Corporation. Chako sees nothing except that he is a humanoid with a moustache and a limp. He signs a contract to deliver a box with unknown contents to Trader’s Rest. Chako tells the party but withholds information about the box itself. Dranden fails to decipher the legal-ese of the contract. Ven’yara also wants to learn more but can’t read the language.

8 days into the trek we get attacked by hobos and krenshar through the night. Chili and Dranden are stuck fighting in the nude. Ven’yara manages to heal somewhat effectively but has to use lay on hands to her limit. She also tries to claim glory for her god in combat using mythic power but falls short.

In the aftermath of the battle we find that they have a contract and wer sent from Trader’s Rest. Grog finishes off and skins the krenshar. Chako begins to interrogate the final hobo as their prisoner and Dranden attaches three fuse grenades to his body. During the questioning he singes the man’s beard but then sets him aflame setting off the grenades blowing him into literal fleshy bits.



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