Grog Ogg

Half Orc Barbarian


Grog Ogg knows very little of his childhood other than it was one of constant pain and suffering. He was abandoned shortly after birth and raised on the streets of Hector’s Hovel by a kind but poor human. It is there that he would learn how to fight others to survive, every fight pushing him further into a deep rage that slowly built up in him. He would be known over time by his foul fighting technique making good use of his over sized tusks to fight if no other weapon was available.

When he wasn’t fighting he was scouring the town for any thing he could find and possibly retool or resell to others to help supplement his daily income. His more regular daily income involved being the more-or-less literal muscle of the town. Whether it be moving heavy goods, or "renovating " old buildings his brawn was often needed by some for various jobs.

One day however he reached his breaking point when his adoptive father was murdered in cold blood while he was out to get food for them. He returned to late, the murder still stood there blade dripping from his father’s blood. In a flash Grog felt a rage like none other surge into him as he beat his father’s murderer to a bloody pulp. Screams could be heard from the other side of town; both from victim and Grog alike. This commotion did not go unnoticed and the city guard rushed to the site. They immediately shackled the bloodied, but fatigued, Grog and threw him into jail.

Grog was told that he had already been charged with the murder of the two men, his father and the real murderer. Since there was little reason to believe his story of self-defence the guards had just throw him immediately into jail. It was here he met Dranden, an unlikely cell mate.

Dranden made a proposition to him. He claimed to have the means to break out of the jail and that he too had been unjustly imprisoned. The catch was that he needed help to escape and had been bidding his time. While sceptical of his claims, Grog agreed to it. Dranden pulled out a strange vial and threw it at the shabby cell wall. It collapsed in a ruckus and the two made a quick escape through the newly formed cavity in the wall.

From then on the two were inseparable. They would fight together in a most peculiar way that surprised a many. Dranden would sit upon Grog’s shoulders and throw various Alchemical weapons at their enemies whilst Grog would swing at them in a blind rage. Through this they had made many adventures together.

In these various adventures Grog eventually came to ponder what this all meant for his life. Perhaps there is more to seeing your enemy driven before you whilst hearing the lamentations of their womenfolk. Perhaps one day he could be absolved of his false crime. He doubts the likelihood of such a scenario however and seeks to make a clean start elsewhere, perhaps even with others like Dranden that have been accused of a crime that they feel was unfair. If such a place exists, or if such a place must be made, time will have to tell.

Grog Ogg

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