Tales of Arboria

Being the Main Character is Over-Rated anyway

AKA How I Shut Up and Learned to Love the Grog

After the Necromancer is swiftly dealt with, the party gathers their things and leaves Cerrunos to nurse this part of the forest back to health. On the road again, the party travels for 14 days, passing through Meadowbrook, Fairmeadow, until finally Waulkeen Way. Dranden finds a book store, run by an eccentric “Wizard”, who identifies Grog’s new ring as a Ring of Natural Armor, while Draden purchases an Identify scroll. Chili decides to challenge the wizard in a dance off, but is swiftly served. Grog also finds and purchases a guitar, while Chili attempts to get his Rabies cured, but found his body had already managed to fight off the disease, and the party sets out. 3 Days later, Grog and Chili attempt to entertain the citizens of Applevale with a dance and guitar session, with less than ideal results.

Three days from Applevale, the party comes across a beautiful, expansive field, with an unsightly hole dug out in the middle. Grog steps up to the hole to investigate, and is immediately attacked by a bug creature, who bursts from the ground behind him, damaging the half-orc greatly. The Party gets locked into combat with several bugs who continuously burst from the ground around them. Eventually, Chili gets grabbed by one, and dragged down into the original hole. Grog jumps down to follow, but finds another, larger bug laying in wait. After finishing the remaining bugs, and killing the Big Bug, the party recovers and continues their journey to Trader’s Rest.

After 13 more days of travel, and passing Mirelake, the party finally arrives at the bustling city of Trader’s Rest. Finding the mass of crowds a great and treacherous obstacle, Dranden and Grog decide to stay back, while Chako, Chili, and Ven’Yara attempt to Venture forth into the central city. Chako, who is from Trader’s Rest and fairly familiar with navigating the crowds, manages to work his way through to the City proper. Chili and Ven’Yara, however, get swept into the crowds and get lost in the mess of stalls and people.

Chako meets with the contact inside the city, and is greeted by Edmund Toth, of the Sunreaver Corporation. He pays him the gold for the first part of the journey, and offers another mission for the party to undertake: continue the journey and deliver the package to the Sunreaver Mansion, home of Hector Sunreaver, near Hector’s Hovel in Urasi. He explains the package contains something called Devil’s Wart; A volatile, red Bio-luminescent fungus, which is dangerous and regulated by the government. He offers 2000g for the second leg of the journey, which Chako accepts. Chako then leaves to visit his father at home.

Chili manages to find himself in an isolated ghetto of Trader’s Rest, mostly filled with homeless and lost merchants. He manages to find his way back to Dranden and Grog relatively quickly. Ven’Yara, however, gets stuck in a loop of the passing crowd, effectively walking in cirlces for a large amount of time. He manages to break the loop, but catches the scent of some mighty fine biscuits. He attempts to locate the biscuits, but finds himself lost once again. During his lost hours he manages to buy a Harp, but doesnt make it back to the party until Evening.

Grog, while the party explores, visits a local tavern, and finds Ronaldo, a Human Bard, to accompany us on our journey to teach him how to play guitar, while also chronicling the parties’ adventures, for the low price of 5g a day. Dranden and Grog agree to split the price of company for their new friend.

The next day, Dranden decides he’d like to visit the alchemist’s guild, and asks Ronaldo to lead the party through the Access Tunnels, to the center of the city. He manages to lead them there, and the party waits while Dranden enters. He has a conversation with the guildmaster, Tadeus Flanel, and wishes to learn the details of joining. After learning it cost gold, Dranden wishes to gain membership by impressing Tadeus with his skills. He fails, however, to offer anything noteworthy, and leaves the guild in a huff, cursing Tadeus as he does. The party then reconvenes at the house of Flint Ironsear, the dwarven father of Chako. After a couple purchases, and Dranden testing a spectacular 18-barreled shotgun that misfires in his hands, the party discusses plans to get passports to pass to Urasi.



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