Tales of Arboria

The Trollevator into the Underwood


While resting in Telume the party in pulled inro a dream world. There a cube appears in the void, unfolding into Io’s usual form. He explains in depth about the origins of the world, the age of war and dragons. Only the ancient dragons would survives these battles over the millennia with their god remaining quiet.

When it came time for a piece one of the ancient dragons, Nidhogg, was missing. Pride, jealousy and envy were his charges and as such. he refused any sort of peace. In reaction to this his kin were all slain and Nidhogg brutally punished and banished to the world below, thus beginning the age of mortals.

Arborea was sundered and the remaining dragons terraformed Arborea into the world we now know. The top portion of Arborea was place in a time bubble, where time passes much. much faster than outside.

A darkness that is being directed by Nidhogg outside of this bubble threatens the world and in order to save it he must be slain.

Io goes on to explain that in In the Underwood is a goblin shaman who is crafting a ring. This ring is part of a set of armor that Nidhogg is assembling which will allow him to enter Arborea. It is therefore imperative to stop Nidhogg, lest he destroy everything.

He send the part off, telling them that agents are expecting them in Unterlaunde.

In order to get to Unterlaunde the party must travel 33 days to Iron Brew’s Ascent. Once they arrive there they see a large portal where goods are being transferred through as well as an extremely long line to an elevator. They are directed to send their material goods through the portal, but take themselves down the elevator for their own, and everyone else’s, safety.

The queue takes 1 day to complete and the elevator takes another 3 to descend into the Underwood. The party also is accompanied by 3 dwarves on the elevator.

During the 2nd day going down the elevator the party and dwarves are attacked. A set of goblins and even a troll all jump down onto their elevator. The dwarves do not survive and the party survives with about 1/3 of an elevator left. They decide to climb down the chain to the lower elevator instead of staying on the nearly destroyed one.

The rest of the way down is uneventful.

Once they arrive at the bottom they head into Unterlaunde to gather info, but are met by Io’s agent Cartonk Fizzlewrench , much to Dranden’s annoyance. He is well versed on the geography of the Underwood and can provide map like directions when needed.

Cartonk is accompanied by some dwarven friends with a mortar, much to Dranden’s strangely fetishist arrousal. Cartonk is supposed to escort the party through the Myceloid Forest.

14 days of travel happen, where-in the party succesfully fends of a giant lobster monster with a questionable shaped head.

Days past: 33 + 1 + 3 + 14 = 51



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