Tales of Arboria

Time Skip!

Lost another one

At some point Ven’Yara disappears.

They party skirts around Hector’s Hovel due to the Dranden and Grogg’s reputation (ie: Wanted).

5 days later they are ambushed by an ettin.

5 days later just outside of Sunreaver Mansion they are beset upon three orc barbarian mercenaries that are trying to cut them off at the pass. There would have been more if not for their ninja escort.

The party finally arrives at the mansion with some difficulty due to heavy mist. Dranden strolls up to the door and knocks. The door slowly opens and the party is greeted by a butler with long sharp teeth. Towering above the foyer is a large portrait of a golden haired and golden eyed Aasimar with presumably his wife. Grogg and Chako identify the man as Hector Sunreaver and note that he also has sharp teeth and has been alive far too long for any mortal. They are brought to a table with a large room and await their host. Eventually they are greeted by Hector himself and deliver the package. The party collects their wages and ask Hector why he needs the Devil’s Wart.

Hector leads them down into the basement. There they find an alchemist’s lab in the darkness. There they find a Blood Orchid in a glass enclosure. The group finally realizes that he is a vampire. They find that they are in the final stage of changing the flower of death into a potion of eternal youth. Through some discussion they eventually learn of the Harrow Deck of Many Things. Each of them is offered the opportunity to pull a card from the deck.

Chako draws a Joker: The character physically becomes a member of the opposite gender.
- He becomes more curvaceous, he grows breasts, and his voice rises in pitch.
– She changes her name to Chaka

Dranden draws the 10 of Diamonds: Choose an ally. They are presented 3 cards. They pick one. The original character chooses from the remaining 2.
- He chooses Chako who then draws the 6 of Clubs
– He is able to open any door, lock, or other locked barrier whenever he wishes.
- Dranden chooses the 7 of Clubs
– He reforges a dagger into a crossbow bolt.

Grogg draws the 2 of Spades: The character’s animal companion, familiar, cohort, or other NPC ally is alienated and forever after hostile. If the character has no such allies, the enmity of some powerful personage, community, or religious order can be substituted. This hatred remains a secret until such a time that it might be most dramatically and perilously revealed. Upon drawing this card, the character knows that someone or something will turn against him, but nothing more.
- The GM will remember this.

The party travels back to the Divide with plans to go to Telume.

31 Days later they arrive at Trader’s Rest and along the way have a couple minor encounters. Chika tells her father of the Deck of Many Things and he is extremely disappointed that she would pull from the deck after all his teachings as a child.

The group arrives in Telume.
“Telume… A city for freed slaves, or so the rumors say. As you approach you being to get an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. A crude palisade lined with spiked logs rings the city proper. Somewhat more militaristic than you might have expected from a “free city,” although it’s somehow not forboding in any way. A cursory scan of the nearby lake reveals a dry dock of some sort and the frame of a ship being constructed. Closer inspection reveals that what would seem to be trees at first glance is actually a number of large balloons, a curious sight to behold.
As you approach the town proper, you notice a goblin standing guard, his tunic and chain mail are ill fitted, and he continually fidgets with his oversized helmet as it slumps down over his eyes… Still, his silly toothy grin reveals him as a much friendlier goblin than those you’ve dealt with in the past. As you pass the gates and the large, poorly painted sign lettered, “T e L u m e,” and into the fort itself, you see two crude barracks flanking either side of the gate with goblins busily coming and going every which way. In the northwest corner of the fort, a large stone chapel is under construction. Sitting in a corner near the chapel is a large insect like humanoid in a comically oversized hammock. You watch as he rolls out of the hammock with a surprising grace, and removes a pair of reading glasses and sets down a book with his stubby middle arms. Before you have a chance to inspect further, he walks off out of sight to do something.
At the center of town a tired looking old human with a furrowed brow stands tall, giving orders to teams of goblins who rush off to their newly assigned duties. Seeing you, he turns and shouts: “Greetings, and welcome to fair Telume City of Freed slaves, I am Roth, the reluctant mayor of this place.”

Grogg looks for a plot of land to build a home. He and Dranden find their plot of land and create an alchemists’s home. They make arrangements with the nearby Faeries to watch over their home whenever they are gone.

Chika begins scoping out a potential heist to garner the attention of the Thieve’s Guild. She finds a merchant who is a front for the alchemist’s guild and begins to stake out his operation of skimming money off the top. In her attempts to find where he stashes his private fund he skims from his business front she only manages to travel with them halfway. She goes back to Dranden and Grogg to get backup. The heist goes successfully.

The party makes off with a large sum of gold but the Thieve’s Guild intervenes and takes a chunk of it.



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