Names: Yallia, Valkyrie of Water, Overseer of victory, Condemner of Demons

Sigil: A sword behind a vase encased in a pentagon.

Favored Weapon: Short/Long sword

Alignment: Lawful Good

Description: A goddess for the battle ready. Yallia serves as god to those who put their lives on the line to combat vile forces formed the by demonic energies. Many of her followers are on paths of redemption and/or have a strong hatred for demonic beings. Many bands of demon hunter/slayers bare her sigil over their chest. Legend has it that when followers of Yallia fall in combat they are given the option to take up arms under her name in afterlife and slay demons for eternity.

This deity is celebrated by slaying demons, defending the innocent/defenseless carrying a small amount of holy water in a vial and meditating near water with ones blade held over their heart.

Warriors and wanderers of Yallia follow a small set of rules called the “Ripples of the Valkyrie”.

Yallia is mostly depicted as a beautiful woman with long flowing hair with water vase and sword in hand.


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