Arboria is the name of the ‘continent’ and world you live in. It is the top of a giant tree felled long ago by unknown means. Since this event, the top of the tree has decomposed and turned into soil, allowing fresh plant life to grow. It is unknown how the denizens of this land came to live here, but it is known that the oldest, and largest cities are all in the center of the continent.

Politically, the country is divided into three large kingdoms, all of whom are currently at peace, and there are no tensions between them at the moment. Similar religious views and general prosperity thanks to the availability of resources has lead to no one country being particularly strong, or weak, neither in pressing need or with particular ability to invade into the others lands. Additionally, the threat of monsters from unclaimed lands (thick forests and the like,) generally occupy most of the time of the kingdoms. Additionally, the capitals of the countries are remarkably close, each nestled within different sections of a large valley between the intersection of three different mountain ranges that oddly divvies up the continent near perfectly.

The North-Eastern Kingdom is known as Urasi. Urasi has the largest concentration of Dwarven folk, and is ruled by the Oakbeard dynasty, which traces it’s rule back for over 20 generations.

The North-Western Kingdom is known as Rohindar, and is ruled by the Orcs who make up a large portion of the population, and have many scattered settlements wherever water is found. Orcs and humans get along very well the closer you are to the capital, but racism never truly dies out when people are removed from civilization.

The Southern Kingdom of Elithrya is home to many, and ruled by the Elves. Only the deepest forests remain a threat, as most are inhabited by the Elves themselves, and the lands between are mostly populated with human settlements. Their lands are considered much safer than most.

Arboria is massive in size, approximately 500km in radius. This puts it’s surface area at a size comparable with Turkey in real life.


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