A Kingdom ruled by the Elves, geographically located in the southern portion of Arboria. This is the Kingdom in which the adventure begins. The Elves mostly take up the forested areas of this Kingdom, and human settlements fill in the spaces in between. This leaves the Kingdom relatively free of monsters, although many wild animals and monstrous humanoids occupy much of the forested areas. The uninhabited plains between settlements also contain many dangerous animals, and there is always the threat posed by the beings that live in the Underwood.

There is a surprisingly large population of orcs spread around the kingdom. One of the few things that Rohindar has to trade is labor, and as a result many of the farmhands employed by the farmers within Elithrya are Orcs there on work-orders.

Elithrya’s government is run by an Elven prince named Theoden Eltharys. His title remains prince, as his coronation has not yet occurred. Elven tradition requires a mourning of twenty years before a new monarch is crowned, and his father passed away but 12 years ago.

Theoden rules Elithrya from the High City of Eltharys nestled deep in the south-eastern forest where the mountains that form The Divide begin.

Elithrya has the most stringent laws regarding Slavery. Citizens of Elithrya are not allowed to own slaves, and their sale within the country is forbidden. These laws do not stop traders and diplomats from the other two kingdoms from passing through with slaves in tow, but they are generally harassed by more outspoken members of the populace and government. That being said, Elithrya still employs Indentured Servitude to wide effect.


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